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There are many opportunities to get involved with Georgetown County Democratic Party, from simply voting, to attending meetings and even volunteering as a poll watcher, office staffer, or whatever you have to offer that can help us achieve our goal of establishing an inclusive, diverse government for our state, county and communities.

If attending meetings or going door to door isn't your thing but you still want to contribute meaningfully to the Democratic Party, call or write elected officials.


According to the ACLU, "Letters and faxes are an extremely effective way of communicating with your elected officials. Many legislators believe that a letter represents not only the position of the writer but also many other constituents who did not take the time to write."

Here's a link to tips from the ACLU for writing effective communication to your elected officials.

Here's a link to our page listing the elected officials who represent Georgetown County residents, both Republican and Democrat.


Important local issues are determined by those who vote. If you stay home, especially in local elections, your community will represent a limited group of its people. Your vote is significant, truly. Are you registered to vote? Check your registration with the South Carolina Election Commission. Find local information at the Georgetown County Board of Elections and Voter Registration website.

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We need poll watchers, office staffers, event planners, and walking feet to get out the vote. Any amount of time you can give, any skill you have to offer, GCDP will gladly find a volunteer opportunity for you and put you to work. Send an e-mail to or give us a call at 843.900.7388

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One of GCDP's main objectives is to let no elected office be uncontested by a Democratic candidate. We seek qualified candidates and provide logistical support as needed. Know someone who'd be a great candidate? Send an email to or give us a call at 843.900-7388

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