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We meet monthly on the second Thursday at 6PM at 149 King St. in Georgetown.

Please visit our Facebook page for details, or call us at 843.900.7388. All Dems and Allies are welcome! 

December office hours are by appointment.

Join us for our Dec. 8th holiday meeting!
It was a wild year but we have much to celebrate!

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SC Dems can still have a positive effect on the mid-terms!  Volunteer to make calls and/or canvas for Sen. Warnock to help him defeat the MAGA candidate in the upcoming run-off!  See the links below for details.

 Travel to GA to canvass in person.

GCDP 149 King St., Georgetown   843-900-7388

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The Georgetown County Democratic Party is a group of volunteers actively supporting the platform of the South Carolina Democratic Party and its candidates for public office.  We defend democracy, liberty, equality, and justice for all in our county.

  1. All residents of our county are deserving of inclusion, justice, compassion and human dignity and should have a voice in decisions that affect our community, regardless of race, gender, or faith.

  2. We have a duty to support a vibrant local economy that encourages good corporate citizenship, balancing protection of our environment with livable wages for our citizens.

  3. All children in our county are deserving of a quality, public education and safe places to be during out-of-school time.

  4. All citizens should be encouraged and allowed to vote in every election. Registration should be simple and impediments should be minimal. 

  5. Our waterways are the basis for both our economic life and our citizens' health.  Public policy should reflect this by prioritizing a healthy ecology. 

  6. Young adults should be mentored in community involvement to ensure their voice is heard and to provide future continuity of these principles.

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If you know of a local Democratic Party event that deserves statewide attention, click on SCDP events to visit the South Carolina Democratic Party website and submit it.



We need to rally all of our resources if we are to replace Governor McMaster, Senator Tim Scott and Representative Tom Rice in 2022. Please consider contributing funds to help us organize.