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What's Can You Do for Your Country?

Updated: 12 hours ago

Here is the most up-to-date list of upcoming events and activities leading into the home stretch to Nov 3rd!. 

 All of these will also be posted on our Facebook page (@GeorgetownDemocrats) as well.

As we receive more information, you can find regular updates here and on FB.

Most of these activities occur on various days so you can choose according to your schedule. Current Georgetown Co. Virtual Phone Bank for Jaime Harrison and down-ballot Democrats. Sign up, get a training and start calling! via:

46 Days Out: Phone and Text bank to help ID supporters and focus GOTV efforts.  Sign up at these links.  You will get instructions and there is one-to-one help available if you need it. Text Bank:  Phone Bank (Auto Dialer): Phone Bank:  >>If you wish to be an official poll-watcher, please let us know by replying email to

>> If you would like to help register voters, or are able to go door-to-door dropping off materials (no contact) in October,  please contact Joan Dore at

Early in person - NO EXCUSE - absentee voting is scheduled to begin on October 5th!  There will also

be one Saturday for early in-person on October 31st.  Please verify your registration on or before Oct. 2nd in person or on line at you can verify, update, or register. Note: Bidden-Harris yard signs are NOW available at our HQ.

Thanks to everyone for your donations of your time and treasure to our  efforts to elect/reelect Dems and  to send Lindsey home in Donald Trump's pocket!   Deb Smith, Chair 843/830-3996 Marianne Mackey, Co-Chair 843/325-9792 Georgetown Co. Democratic Party 149 King St.


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