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We are NOT a Red State!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

UPDATE: What did we tell you? Look at these poll results!

Now, back to our original post.

At least, not forever, Georgetown County was at one time a BLUE county and it can be again. We've hear a few folks say something along the lines of, "Why should I vote or even register to vote; my vote doesn't ever count." Well, yeah! If you don't vote, we're pretty sure you will never, ever be counted. If everyone who says that would give it a try, things WOULD change.

We also hear that, since SC isn't a "swing state" or a "battleground" state, there's no point in voting for the Democratic nominee. Might as well vote 3rd party as a statement or to try to boost the standing of a 3rd party. Here's the flaw in that logic.

How do you think battleground and swing states got to be that way?


The stats show that it's CLOSE to even between those state residents who identify Republican versus those who identify Democratic. Yes, the GOP'ers are still the majority but not by that much. If you throw in left-leaning Independents, there's even more reason to be optimistic.

Our point is, when Democrats vote, Democrats win. This is true in Georgetown County and would be true state wide if EVERYONE registers and EVERYONE votes. The GOP counts on Dems thinking there's no point. Republicans always vote!

You have until Oct. 4 to register to vote on line or to verify your registration on line. (In person, you can do this until Oct.2.) Early voting starts October 5th!

So VOTE, get your friends and family to vote, make a plan to vote! Go to https://www.votebluesc.com for info, to see your sample ballot, and to check to be sure you are still registered.

Our Democracy depends on it.

Again: https://www.votebluesc.com

OR: https://www.scvotes.gov

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