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Vote Now!

The SC Legislature and the SC Election Commission have made it as simple and safe as possible for you to VOTE EARLY in the June 9th primary election. There is easy access to your options and your sample ballot at SCVOTES

For mail-in absentee ballots, you no longer need a WITNESS signature, only your own. You can mail in the ballot (be sure to put extra postage) or drop in in the slot at the Georgetown County Voter Registration Office at 303 N. Hazard Street in Georgetown. (843/545-3339)

You may also vote IN PERSON at the County Voter Registration Office now through election day. You DO NOT need to have a special absentee qualifying reason to vote early. That requirement has been waived for this election. ~


There are some polling places that may have to be consolidated with others on June 9th due to the lack of available poll workers and facilities because of COVID19, so if you can vote early, please do!

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