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Opinion of the Chair

Uniting to Defeat Pres. Trump.

The S.C. Primary is the end of this month with Super Tuesday after that. Things are heating up.

The negative back-and-forth among the supporters of different presidential primary candidates is counter-productive to the goal of winning back the Presidency.

If Trump is not defeated, it WONT MATTER who is left or moderate, or wherever on your sliding scale because 👏 we 👏will 👏have 👏lost. 👏. Possibly everything.

Each Dem candidate is a far better option than our current autocrat wannabe. - AND - Every negative put-down of a Dem primary candidate gives ammunition to the GOP in the general election. Most of the candidates have a similar vision for a better country and disagree only in the details.

Consider this illustrative vignette: Person A thinks the house needs to be remodeled of wood. Person B thinks the house needs to remain brick. They argue over this so vehemently that they don’t see the bank coming to foreclose on the land. Now, A and B ▶️have no house ◀️ and can’t build anything! Both lose.

SO, EVERYONE! It stops with each of us. I don’t care who started it, we ALL need to stop the bickering. “Be Best!” ;-) Stop the blaming. Stop the snark. Your candidate’s plan is best? Great! Then promote that & keep it positive. May the best candidate be the nominee.

Then yes, Vote Blue No Matter Who.

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