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Help Determine the Future of Georgetown County

Get up to date with the in-progress County Comprehensive Plan. Learn about it HERE The county Planning Department and your County Council Members need your continued attention and input to assure proper planning for the future that serves all community members.

The process covers policy and

planning regarding housing, environmental resiliency, natural resources, transportation, and land use and more.

What it's all about: "A Comprehensive Plan is a vital document that offers a vision for a county's future development. It considers the area's existing conditions, future goals and a general vision for what future growth and development within the county will look like over the next 10 to 20 years. Counties are required to update their Comprehensive Plans every 10 years, and Georgetown County is currently in the midst of an update."

How To:

How to see and participate in this ongoing process:

It is certain that big corporations, property developers, and others with resources are paying attention to this process and providing their feedback. We, as residents of this county. should all be doing the same.

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