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Do Your Bit! Volunteer Opportunities

Here are all the links to sign up for phone or text banking in conjunction with the SCDP Coordinated Campaign for the month of August.  When you sign up you will get instructions and scripts and so forth. Postcard writing for voter awareness & registration is ongoing. Pick up your postcard packet at GCDP HQ at 149 King St. Tues-Thurs mornings and Mon or Fri afternoons.

Waccamaw Dialer Phone Bank: https://www.mobilize.us/scdp2020cc/event/283844/ Waccamaw Virtual Phone Bank: https://www.mobilize.us/scdp2020cc/event/287266/ The difference between the dialer phone bank and the virtual phone bank is that we use an automatic dialer for the first one, and an open phone list in votebuilder for the second one. Using the dialer we can make more calls and IDs faster. In the Virtual Phone Bank, volunteers can go at their own pace. Additional note, If someone wants to volunteer using an ipad, they would need to sign up for the virtual phone bank, not the dialer. Other tablets should be fine with the dialer. The dialer and open VPB are on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. ---———————————— Waccamaw Virtual Text Bank: https://www.mobilize.us/scdp2020cc/event/283326/ Text banks are on Monday and Thursday evenings. The text bank is what most people are signing up for right now, and while volunteers can certainly continue to sign up, what we really need the most help with right now is the dialer, then the open virtual phone bank.  ---————————-//— Feel free to contact us with any questions. Deb Smith, 843-830-3996 Marianne Mackey, 843-325-9792

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