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Call to Action: There is a national emergency but it’s not the one POTUS thinks.

Dear friends, Democrats, and allies: I am so concerned about this idea that trump has latched onto -to declare a national emergency - just so he can get his wall. If allowed to do this, I fear his ego will be drunk with power. Martial law would not be a stretch from there. This would be a frightening leap toward authoritarianism and the GOP Senate’s past behavior does nothing to make me think they will ever do anything to stop him. The country had been desensitized over 2 years by the incremental creep of lies and erosions of our institutions. We are the proverbial frog in the pot of water and it’s already simmering. I’ve emailed and called our GOP Senators and Representatives about this and I ask you all to do the same if you can. Remind them that this is NOT normal; in fact, it is the very behavior our founding fathers were trying to prevent when they designed our constitution. It is past time to stand up to the occupier in the Whitehouse. Wake ‘em up! Deb Smith 

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