• Deb Smith, Chair

Job Well Done!

I am so grateful for all the enthusiastic volunteers who have pitched in with Georgetown County Democratic Party over the past several months. Our regular members, Democratic Women's Council, activist groups, NAACP, and so many others who have helped us and collaborated with us, Thank You!

While we are disappointed that we were not able to send James Smith and the Democratic executive slate to Columbia but we came closer than we have in 30 years and we will perservere! We remain committed to pushing our government to provide for all our citizens their basic rights; Healthcare for all, good wages, clean water, civil rights

We had great successes across the country and in SC, we sent Rep. James Clyburn a Democratic colleague from SC's 1st District, - the first in 40+ years - Joe Cunningham!

This was the largest mid-term reversal the GOP has suffered since Watergate! There are 7 new Democratic governors and at least 6 new Democratic legislatures in important electoral states like PA and MI and 330 new state Reps! This will make a big difference at redistricting time!

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, the U.S. House now has a BLUE majority. (Dems picked up at least 28 seats, so far, probably more to come.) This means a check on the worst inclinations of Mr. Trump and his GOP congressional enablers. We have stopped the bleeding; now we prepare to restore health to our Republic over the next 2 years, culminating in 2020.

You wrote postcards, made calls, knocked on doors, and sent texts!

So please stay involved, keep talking to friends and family about our agenda of kindness, compassion ,respect, and dignity

We are the majority. Your efforts are paying off in so many ways!

Our next meeting is December 13th at 6PM. We'll review the election results and have a little holiday reception. I hope you will join us.

Deb Smith

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