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Counting Down

Celebrate good times. A little more than eight days to go. Early voting is in progress and we urge you to check your votes carefully before you push that “vote” button so you can catch any discrepancies!

Our candidates have been crisscrossing the state to bring it home in a blue wave on Nov. 6. Ride the wave with us at headquarters, 149 King St. at the corner of Prince. Stop in for a snack, some snazzy talk, support for our candidates and phone banking, canvassing and other activities.

Not only are we a bellweather, but women are invited to join with our friends to the north for a day-after fundraiser to prepare for a January march against President Orange. Simply join Grand Strand Action Together’s Wine and Design fundraiser, which promises drinks and good company. No matter the outcome of the election the previous day, it'll help to be with friends! To sign up you have to click this link: https://www.wineanddesign.com/calendars/event.php?id=131053 and put this code in: 67WOODWARD

In case you still wonder why it is we do what we do, if you have a Facebook account, take a moment, follow the link and listen. https://www.facebook.com/anita.crone/posts/10217767268038062?notif_id=1540759033590719&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic 

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