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This is Who They Are

THIS 🚨is what the SC GOP thinks encompasses the most urgent education issues in our state. It is an excerpt from an email sent out by the Georgetown County GOP this week, a list of questions they asked of the (non-partisan) school board candidates. We find #s 5,6, & 9 particularly disturbing. Look🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 “”1. Do you support the SCGOP Platform plank on education? See below one page attachment for pgs 24-25 of SCGOP Platform 2. Support Parental Educational Choice as defined below? Do you “support the concept of “school choice” and affirm the right and responsibility of parents to make the best education decisions for their children, whether they homeschool their children or send them to private or parochial schools of their choice?” Do you believe that “healthy competition will result from a comprehensive school choice plan that includes the private sector, and believe such a system should be instituted from kindergarten through 12th grade?” Do you believe that “in addition to improving public school performance, a system of school choice that includes tax credits, scholarship granting organizations, and vouchers [GI Bill for Kids] would offer more compassionate and better opportunities for all children in South Carolina?” Page 24 of Ed section of SCGOP Platform. 3. Education funding must be attached to the child and classroom he attends vs big govt school district administration? “We support education funding in which funds are attached to the child…” Page 24 of Ed section of SCGOP Platform. 4. Must have parental consent before allowing student walkouts/protests? Do you support allowing students without "parental consent" to walk out of classrooms in protest of “gun violence”, the President of the United States and/or the 2nd Amendment recognizing “the primacy of parental rights and responsibility in the education of children..."? Page 24 of Ed section of SCGOP Platform. 5. Recognition of American Exceptionalism and Judeo-Christian ethic embraced by America’s founders? Do you “recognize the Judeo-Christian ethic embraced by our founding fathers and call upon our State and Nation to return again to the values that made America and the American people great?” Page 16 of RELIGION AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY section of SCGOP Platform. 6. Teachers have a Constitutional right to respectfully express their faith & morals in classrooms without being persecuted/reprimanded? Do you believe that “every citizen [including a govt school teacher] has the Constitutional right to pray, read the Bible or any religious text, and discuss his or her faith [respectfully/non-coercively] in private and in public, including the public schools of this state?” Page 15 of RELIGION AND RELIGIOUS LIBERTY section of SCGOP Platform. 7. Traditional American family is the building block of society and should not be undermined? Do you believe that the “ traditional American family to be the essential unit of our society and oppose any governmental actions which tend to weaken the family, the family being the social unit of wedded man and woman with their natural-born or adopted children.”? Page 14 of SCGOP Platform. 8. Allow biological boys to enter female bathrooms/locker rooms and shower with biological girls? Do you support allowing biological boys who identify as girls entrance into girls locker rooms, showers and bathrooms? Page 25 of Education section of SCGOP Platform. 9. Every public school student is taught accurate real American History, i.e., Republican Party ended slavery during and after the Civil War; GOP is the party of opportunity, creativity and free market capitalism. Democrat Party is the historical party of slavery, secession, segregation (Jim Crow Laws) and socialism? In the pursuit of truth and in name of American History, do you believe that every K-12 public school student ought to learn the historical truth about the Democrat and Republican Parties? For example that the Republican Party was responsible for freeing slaves during and after the Civil War, and the Democrat Party was not because it is the historical party of slavery, secession, segregation (Jim Crow Laws) and socialism. Page 6 of DISCRIMINATION AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION section of SCGOP Platform, and elsewhere. **This is a nonpartisan voter education guide for a nonpartisan election put together by the Georgetown County SC Republican Party to inform voters.”” 

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