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Almost There!

The finish line is in sight, but we’ve got a pretty hefty hill to climb in the last two weeks before Election Day on Nov. 6.

Some things to keep in mind: Vote. It’s more important than ever.

Come visit headquarters. If you haven’t been here before, now’s the perfect time. Join us for Action Weekend at 149 King St., this Saturday (Oct. 27th) at the corner of Prince St., in Georgetown.

Help us turn South Carolina blue. Sign up to walk a precinct – your own or a neighbor’s or somewhere else in the county – or to make phone calls from your home or our office. Stop in and ask the friendly headquarters volunteer what you can do.

Want to meet South Carolina’s next governor? James Smith and Mandy Powers Norrell will headline an Horry County Campaign Blitz Saturday, October 27th at 10 a.m. at Frazier Center – 1370 Bucksport Rd., Conway. It’s free. Contact: Cedric Blain-Spain 843-246-4338.

Maryville, Penny Royal, and Winyah Bay residents have new voting locations. Maryville, also known as Georgetown 5 precinct, will vote at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1605 S Fraser St., instead of the school. Penny Royal voters should go to the new Fire Station 2, 2900 S Fraser St. Winyah Bay will return to the Armory to vote.

Or you can avoid the hassle and vote early/absentee. Voters who are age 65 and older, who will be on vacation, or who can’t go to the polls because of their job, you can cast an absentee ballot in person at the Georgetown Board of Elections office, 303 Hazard St. in Georgetown, or request an absentee ballot by mail, phone, email or fax.

Get in contact with the Georgetown office by snail mail, 303 N. Hazard Street, Georgetown SC 29440; by phone, at 843-545-3339 or by fax at 843-545-3342.

Or go online and download a printable absentee ballot at scvotes.org . The League of Women Voters offers a handy tool for everything you need to know about your choices and options in your location at vote411.org

See you at the polls!

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