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The Push is On!

Update on the past week’s events and voter news:

We have just about 2 weeks (Oct. 17) to register voters for the November election. It might be wise to make sure your registration is valid, too. To verify online, go to 


It will ask for your first and last name as well as your date of birth. A pop-up form will show your precinct address, how many registered voters are in your precinct and other pertinent information. If the information is incorrect, it even tells you who to call. If you don’t have a computer or access to one, you can call the county voter registration office at 843-545-3339. Help us identify Democrats in our area as we start our push to the polls. We’ll be doing an identification & outreach canvass for the next week or so and then start ensuring our fellow Democrats vote. 

Come to headquarters at 149 King Street (at Prince) and sign up. We need canvassers, office help, phone bank folk and ideas. The more people the more fun. No one will be turned away, unless you’re a fan of the president. We have hot coffee, cool snacks and nice music. Your Democratic Party was busy last week feeding first responders while waiting for the deluge. For three mornings, we provided breakfast to the people who were keeping us safe and met some great folks! 🚨FYI, there has been a permanent change of polling place for the precinct in Maryville(Gtown 5). Voters will go to Trinity Lutheran Church, 1605 S Fraser St., Georgetown SC 29440. For a full list of our voting precincts, go to https://www.scvotes.org/cgi-bin/scsec/precinctnew?countykey=GEORGETOWN 

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