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Vote Tuesday, June 26!

For those of you who may not know, there is a Run-off election TOMORROW in Georgetown County. This is in the race for the SC 7th Congressional District (US Congress), and it is between Mal Hyman and Robert Williams.

If you did not vote in the primary, you may still vote tomorrow.If you voted for Bill Hopkins or Bruce Fischer for Congress, you may still vote tomorrow.

Vote at your usual location from 7AM to 7PM, or vote early absentee now, at the voter registration office on Hazard St. in Georgetown.

Sharing these position statements on important issues from Mal Hyman for US Congress. We would share Robert Williams’ as well but he has not provided any that we can find. Now he has refused 4 invitations to debate Mal Hyman. 🎈🎈VOTE JUNE 26 🎈🎈in the runoff for our Democratic nominee to defeat Tom Rice and flip the 7th congressional district! You can vote in the run off, even if you did not vote in a primary.

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