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Enough Already!

"We can do better!”

In the past few months of 2017, voters in Virginia, New Jersey, Alabama, and yes, the City of Georgetown, South Carolina sent that message with their votes.

The GCDP is proud of our grassroots work in the Georgetown city election. Our highly motivated volunteers registered voters and canvassed neighborhoods to get-out-the-vote. This resulted in a near record turnout and the election of Georgetown’s first-ever African-American Mayor, Brendan Barber and two new Democratic City Councilmen, Rudolph Bradley and Tupelo Humes. Our goal: Duplicate this success across the county and congressional district in 2018, letting no open seat go uncontested.

Issues surrounding our coastal environment, health care, justice, and education are real and the stakes are high.

Please join us in supporting our message with a donation for our 2018 campaign activities.

Your contribution of $10, $25, $50, – or any amount – is appreciated. On line at www.Gtowncodems.com, you may also add a montly donation in any amount.

We are grateful for your participation at every level and look forward to hearing from you.

You may donate online by clicking on the "DONATE" tab

or contribute by mail

To GCDP, P O Box 2497, Georgetown, SC 29442

And please LIKE us on Facebook @GeorgetownDemocrats.

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