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GOTV starts Monday! Volunteers Needed!

We are currently asking for volunteers for GOTV canvassing* between October 30th and Nov 7 in the city of Georgetown, as well as volunteer phone bank callers and poll-watchers at the city precincts on Nov. 7. (There will be training for poll watchers on Oct. 28 at 2PM at the library on Cleland St. in Georgetown.) If you are interested or would just like more information, please contact Deb at (843) 830-3996 or DISSmith55@gmail.com. Or send us a message via FB: @GeorgetownDemocrats.

If you can't help by volunteering, please consider a donation toward our GOTV efforts. No donation is too small! You can do this securely on line by clicking the "Donate" button on the home page, or send a check to GCDP, P. O. Box 2497, Georgetown, SC 29442.

*Get Out the Vote canvassers are needed to accompany municipal office candidates in the city precincts, as well as for general canvassing throughout the county. We are supporting a slate of 3 City Council candidates and a Mayoral candidate.

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