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Freedom Readers Rock!

This week, members of the Georgetown County Democratic Women's Council (GCDWC) had a wonderful experience visiting the "Freedom Readers" program which meets at Arnett AME Church.

The group members conducted a 90-minute exercise for the children, a mock election in which they chose which snack they'd have afterward. The "candidates" were Goldfish vs. Teddy Grahams.

The participants learned common terms used during elections (such as platform and candidate.) They appointed spokesmen, made campaign posters and buttons. The spokesmen made speeches and the "voters" asked good questions.

After the stump speeches, all the kids voted and Teddy Grahams won by a 1-vote margin! Councilman Sheldon Butts announced the winner and spoke to the kids about how important voting is to their futures.

Thank you, Freedom Readers, Arnett AME and Councilman Butts, and most especially - thank you to the youngsters who participated so enthusiastically!

We're sharing a few photos here. The Youth Education Committee is a joint effort with the GCDP to promote civics awareness in the young people of our county.

Campaign Posters

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