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Call for Volunteers


UPDATE: We are still looking for more canvassers for Georgetown County and one Georgetown City precinct.

UPDATE: Canvassing begins in the Georgetown city precincts this weekend, July 14th. If you wish to volunteer to canvass on your own schedule, please contact us (see below). Thanks!

The GCDP is looking for volunteers for a general Door-to-door canvass of all the Georgetown County precincts during the month of July. Training & materials will be provided.

You may canvass at your convenience any time during July, as long as you complete you list by the end of the month.

If interested in helping us on this fact-finding survey, please PM us on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GeorgetownDemocrats/ ) or call Deb Smith at (843) 830-3996. The first training has already been completed but we will message you with additional available training dates as soon as we have additional volunteers.


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