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Upcoming in April and May


~Filing for Georgetown Municipal elections is March 16-30th.

~SC Democratic Women's Council - State Meeting - April 8th at the Medallion Center in Columbia.

~Georgetown County Democratic Party Meeting 2nd Thursday, 6PM at the library on Cleland St. in Georgetown. Next meeting: April 13th. Scheduled guest speakers: 3 candidates for SCDP State Chair, Cedric Blain-Spain, Trav Robertson, and Susan Smith.

~Georgetown Democratic Women's Council Meeting

4th Monday, 530 PM at the conference center of Bethel AME Church on Broad St. at Duke in Georgetown. Next meeting: April 24th

~SCDP Democratic Weekend (convention), Saturday, April 28th at Medallion Center in Columbia. Contact Hannah Cromley (803) 665-8939 if you are interested in becoming at delegate or alternate, or if you were a delegate in 2016 and are planning to attend. (Blue Palmetto Dinner on Friday night, also at the Medallion Center.)

~Municipal Primary Elections (Georgetown) - June 13, 2017.

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