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Letters to Washington Hand-Delivered

An offer today from SCDP Chair, Jaime Harrison:

On Thursday, I am traveling to Washington, and I want to hand-deliver your letters to Senators Graham and Scott. Write them on whatever topic you are most concerned about.

Here's what you need to do: Email your messages to Sens. Graham and Scott to writeoursenators@scdp.org. You should address your emails directly to the senator you are writing to. If you want to write both senators, send separate emails and I will deliver them both. Include your name and where you're from, with your mailing address if you would like their offices to have a way to respond.

Then on Thursday morning, watch the SCDP Facebook page; we'll be going live with video of my deliveries.

I want to present each of them with a HUGE stack of letters from South Carolinians. The stakes are too high on so many critical issues for us to stay silent, and our senators need to know that their constituents are watching and are not pleased with the new Republican regime's recklessness, bigotry, incompetence, and cruelty. Help us send that message loud and clear Thursday morning. I will be honored to transmit your messages.



Jaime Harrison

Chair, South Carolina Democratic Party

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