Blue Sunday Tickets

Tickets for our Blue Sunday, 2019 event go on sale March 20! Food & wine (catering by Root!), live music from Toucha Gray, meet and greet our legislators and local officials plus some very special guests! Watch this space or follow us on Facebook. Click HERE to order yours or come by our HQ at 149 King St. You can also get more info and tickets via our Facebook page. Or contact one of these folks to purchase directly or ask questions: Deb Smith 843-830-3996 Bill or Sue Cross 843-237-0289 Marianne Mackey 843-436-0237 If you are not able to attend but wish to make a scholarship/sponsor donation please call any of the reps listed above.

Advocacy Training

Learn tactics and best practices you can use well beyond the immediate concerns about impeachment. If you are wanting to learn ways to better communicate your message to your elected officials, join us for this informative session! Led by Brandon Upson, Need to Impeach Coordinator for SC. Click here to RSVP (optional) on our Facebook page #nti #needtoimpeach #training #communityorganizing

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