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UPDATE: The bill was pulled because there were not enough GOP votes. Well done, all!! Trumpcare is back, and it’s just as bad—if not worse—than before. Republicans are calling it the “Cassidy-Graham-Heller bill” and trying to pass it by September 30th with only 51 votes. Call and tweet their offices like crazy to tell them not to repeal the ACA! • Senator Lindsay Graham: 202 224 5972 • Senator Tim Scott : 202 224 6121 A sample of the damage that could be done: You can also fax, send a letter, or call using "Resist Bot" which is a great tool and it's just like sending a text! To get started, text the word, "resist" to 50409 and it will respond with instructions. Please sign the petition, to

What's Up?

Welcome, all of our friends who attended our Sept. 14th meeting. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm and we hope to see you again and often! See our "Projects" and "Get Involved" page for a few ways to pitch in. We have a new interim County Chair, Deb Smith, who will fill that position until our convention in the spring when we elect a new slate of officers. We are currently gearing up our Get Out the Vote Efforts for the Nov. 7 municipal elections in the City of Georgetown and City of Andrews. Contact us phone or email (bottom of home page) on message us on our Facebook page (@Georgetown Democrats) if you want to be part of our GOTV efforts now and in preparation for the 2018 mi

Healthcare Enrollment Dates

You can enroll for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) from Nov. 1, 2017-to Dec. 15, 2017. Although the current administration has cut the budget for publicizing this information and they have cut funding for the "navigators" who can assist you in signing up, there are still helpers available! You can register directly on line at or check to find a local navigator to assist in getting you application in. #aca #healthcare #obamacare #enrollment2018 #obamacareinfo #acainfo #affordablecareact

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